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Sunday, March 25, 2012 // 0 comments

Assalamualaikum there earthlings! I'm so sorry for not updating my blog for about 3 months. I must say, I've been really busy, busy mending myself, busy with studies, and yeah of course Twitter. I can't forget about my Twitter account, it's just like my life. But anyways, many people had told me that SPM is about around the corner. "Apahal hang dok Tweeting macam takdak kehidupan? Ingat sikit, hang tu SPM tahin ni, asyik Twitter je, tak Twitter, sibuk dok dgn Tumblr hang tgk gambar yang tah pape tu." Yeah, this is what I've got recently, and there's other harsh words and observations since I started to livestream or Twitcam. People keep saying that "Ha'elah mamat ni, hang pikir hang tu artis apa? Dok sibuk tayang muka hang dgn orang ramai. Konon retis, bajet retis." Oh my, that even breaks my heart a lil bit. And also they uses bad words and I can't tell you guys cos it really harsh.

First of all the viewpoints above, let me tell you.. About the SPM thingy. Okay, so yes I am really busy with Twitter while I don't care about SPM. It's not I don't care about it, I just don't want to get depressed with it. Moreover, I do study! Yes all the time! But since then, there is this one person that keeps wanting me to always give attention to. I'm sorry, things cannot be done cos yeah this person don't understands me. Ughhhh! But, I must to be honest with myself, this person keeps pressing me! I'm not your Sims or Robot for you to control. I am me, 100% human with emotions and feelings. And second thing, I've been spending all my time with studies at school. So that makes me less study at home. You don't know the tirednesssssssss. Yes! You can't 24/7 keep reading books and studying like there's no other things you can do? Seriously. Go have some fun and rest! Don't stressed up yourself just because you always studying. Is that clear? Okay, good!

Second viewpoints is about the livestream, okay or Twitcam. I'm sorry for you offended people, I'm not disturbing you. But what I'm trying to do behind the livestream thingy is because I wanted to talk to you guys with my face. "It's hard to talk to people who you can't see them."  Yeah we all come from different places, I am from Selangor, and you guys might come from Pahang, Kedah, Perlis, Sabah or maybe outside the country like Brunei. We can't even meet, so that is why ' doing it. Oh god! I really want to me you guys! Hanging out or something.

The truth may set you free well I free-ed them out all here, deep from my mind out to this keyboard. So, since you guys read all of this, thanks from me to you. Thanks for keep supporting me, and giving me advices. I'm sorry for my bad grammar and broken English. Saya guna bahasa Inggeris supaya dapat mempraktikkan my literature well basically on my English paper. I love English. So this is all for today, thank you guys. Have fun and have a great day, Insya Allah. Here I am Aliff Aminuddain, assalamualaikum.

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