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Thursday, January 19, 2012 // 0 comments

               Assalamualaikum and good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night tak kira bila dan waktu korang baca hasil typing aku ni. This time.. Okay just time, I don't know what happened or what gonna happen soon in this 'new' 2012. Sometimes, I just scared to move on with my life. You know, i'm growing up. No, we all growing up. There are something fears me.. Okay so here it is..

First, Fear of the Future!
Omg, you guys don't know what your future gonna looks like. Is it okay? Is it bad? Is it full of problems? Or we just sit here and do nothing? Future, to me there is many questions about this 'thing'. It scares me, honestly. So, you guys just take a deep breath and think about your future. Does your future is still with someone you love? Our parents, our siblings, our relatives? Think guys, I'm afraid of loosing my mum and dad. What its gonna looks like...

Second, Fear of Fate!
Fate, or destiny. Dalam kebiasaan Bahasa Melayu ialah takdir. So what is our fate going to be? Kita pun taktahu bukan? What has happened to us is call fate. Okay, takdir saya yang baru baru ni ialah kaki saya injured akibat latihan bola sepak di sekolah, dua hari kena MC tak sekolah. Jadi, apa yang telah terjadi pada korang itu adalah takdir. Tapi, apa yang menakutkan lagi ialah, fate of our future. Agak agak apa lah khabarnya takdir kita pada masa 10  tahun lagi, ataupun 1 jam lagi? Kita taktahu. Okay so that's the second fear.

Third, Fear of SPM!
So, this year.. 2012. For 95's teenagers. Habislah kita kan? We have to face SPM ohh! Honestly, I don't even prepare anything for this huge SPM. SPM ini ada pertalian adik beradik yang kuat dengan Fears yang di atas.. Ada hubung kait dengan takdir dan masa depan. Okay, right? Am I right? If you guys yang dah prepare gua memang tabik lah. Okay so, SPM is very important guys, trust me! SPM will lead us to our future! (Told ya) Every time I woke up from sleep, what I think of is SPM SPM SPM. Takut takut jugak, tapi langsung tak buat persedian. #ButThatsJustMe (Ooopps, terguna hashtag pula kat sini.)

                  Okay guys, so that is all I wanted to share with you readers. Thanks for reading and following, it helps me to express my feelings than on Twitter (140 characters lol) Umm.. So this is this the conclusion.. "WE ALL GONNA LIVE ALONE ONE DAY"

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