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Can't even imagine.

Sunday, December 18, 2011 // 0 comments

Assalamualaikum readers and tweeters :) So how's ya going? Ughh.. This holiday is just too bored but I like it. No studies, no books, haha. Just my laptop here. So, I think dah lama tak update blog. I know you guys miss my typing. Lol okay. My friends and I planned to go Bowling and do something productive or maybe fun. But... I don't have the mood because of all these problems I have, my friends on Twitter seems like starts to hate me, even someone that I thought would be my best friend hate me and said that I am stupid. Yes, I know I am slowpoke or something, but I have feelings like you too, like any other humans.

Day to day, I can't even forget about what you've said to me, I am a total idiot.. Your words are too far breaking my heart, it hurts inside. Truest me it hurts. But I know it seems like it was my fault eventually. I am the one who got my feelings towards you, hoping on you to want me back. Yes, that is my fault. That is the stupidest thing I've ever done in my life. Then, I started to remember what you've told me before this.. I know, I understands what you feel, I know it was my fault, my mistake. If you're reading this. I am sorry, very very sorry.

Everyone said that friendship is more important than anything. Well yes, that is what I wanted to tell you. I am hoping that you would never forget about me or less than.. Just remember our friendship, that is all I wanted. But you seems don't understands me instead you hating me and keep hating me. All of sudden, you hate me so much. And I do for all this time is just to keep our friendship.

So then now, I lost my interest to live and tweet or whatever. I just sit in my room all alone thinking about my future and all the problems I have to get through. I feel like a total failure and pathetic enough. Luckily, I still got my family that always there for me. I shouldn't give up just yet, my life must go on as the time are moving on and on..

Thanks again.. Thanks for everything. Thanks for reading.

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